Friday, July 30, 2010

How to have a happy life

Some of my high school women friends gathered last week for drinks, catching up, appetizers, more catching up, and just general fun!  How wonderful it is to find ourselves older and wiser and be able to be fully present.  Having shed youthful angst, we seemed more comfortable and content. We were missing Denise, who was in Paris (!) but we will all get together again....

After such an enjoyable evening, I was inspired to share my thoughts about having a happy life with my son, who is struggling with all the current Millennial/Generation Y issues:  searching for a career opening, finding relationships confusingly defined, pining for less complexity.  

I've found that the steps to contentment are deceptively simple - but difficult to practice, sometimes:
Step one - identify and write down (this is supremely important) your dreams and desires; basically what you want your life to look like

Step two - VISUALIZE your perfect life - spend time learning how to focus your thoughts on your dreams and desires

Step three - maintain a positive outlook; never let a negative thought creep into your consciousness and get a toe hold.  Squelch it immediately! 

Step four - look for the joy in every moment.....