Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Embracing Change

Summer began – unseasonably for Seattle – in June this year.  That may sound strange to those living in other parts of the country but, normally, we can expect the skies to clear sometime around July 10th.   And rarely before the fourth of July.    But this year, we’ve even had some record breaking high temperatures – 103 degrees!  In Seattle…..?!
Yet, after basking in warmth for nearly three straight months, the weather has taken a turn.  Today, September 7th, the high temperature is in the mid-60’s and it’s rained all weekend long, sometimes drenchingly.  This morning I gathered dozens of rose boughs that had been knocked to the ground by the deluge - but I say, if you have to cut roses, make a bouquet!   

In a few weeks summer will officially be over.  Soon it will be time to pick apples, rake leaves, mulch the roses, prune, generally batten down the hatches for winter... and contemplate the inevitable and wonderful changes that are part and parcel of life on this beautiful planet.
The colder weather has me anticipating the shift in seasons, from the advancing autumn to the Holidays - which will be upon us in no time.  It’s really not too early to start pondering holiday d├ęcor, or even planning new furnishings with which to entertain friends and family (or, in this tepid economy, maybe new accessories!).   As the air becomes brisk and we begin to spend more time indoors, it's time to think about freshening up our home for the season.  More on that next time…….